Our Energy Efficient South Lake Tahoe Home

Here are photos of the So Lake Tahoe, Ca home located 6200 feet elevation above sea level in a community known for its very harsh alpine


This home has a red metal roof to slough off snow drifts during the winter (without homeowner labor), rare in manufactured homes. This home has one Solar tube (centrally located) to capture the daylight and in the evening a 26 watt CFL light bulb which creates (3700 lumen) 400% + greater than a 100 WATT incandescent light bulb. This home has a furnace rated >92% efficiency by “Energy Star” to heat the home. This home has “Beyond Insulation layered in the ceiling drywall to capture the heat from the furnace, prevent its escape and redirect that same heat back into the living areas of the home. The attic is a “Conditionally Sealed” and completely packed with Cellulose to R-42 insulation factor and have Radiant Barrier above as the roof’s sheathing . We insulated with R44 fiberglass and laid our cold and hot water pipes into the floor area to prevent freezing.    The Air Exchanger installed removes stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh, reheated, clean air from outdoors. This technically advanced, controlled mechanical ventilation system not only provides an economical solution for excessive indoor humidity, odors, stuffiness and other indoor air pollutants, it also helps reduce heating and/or cooling costs for today’s highly insulated homes. We understand Tahoe residents in some winter weeks are trapped in their home for days from the passing blizzards awaiting the roads to open. Disclaimer: I have not listed all of the other energy efficient items in this home.

We have received several calls on its attractive appeal.