I wanted to share the number one reason why a Tankless Water Heater although is efficient over a typical residential water heater is not a wise choice for a California Home installation. The potential earthquake and its resulting devastation in regards to the delivery of fresh water to the residential house could be disrupted or not exist for some time. The lack of storage of water at your home could mean a family might not have access to any water. The run on the stores for bottled water and the inability to travel to get water could also be a severe problem. I have not seen any discussion or reference on the Tankless Water Heater to this type of disclosure. I refer to this link:


We are pleased to be building for Tahoe Verde MHP in August of 2011, a “Energy Star” house at Space 197. This house should exceed >30% reduction in annual utility costs. This home will feature an Air Exchanger, A >92% energy efficient “Energy Star” Furnace, “Energy Star” kitchen Appliances, Beyond Insulation in the ceiling, 3/4 inch foam, Hot Water Pipes wrapped in foam, “Energy Star” water heater in a thermal blanket, Solar Tube with Light, Metal Roof and Attic insulation in excess of 38″ of cellulose compaction.

Energy Efficient Home

We are reaching new levels with our Award Winning Green Solar Powered Homes. We are incorporating “Age-In-Place” Technology for elderly care using “Vital Point” and Close By” items. This is a new way of allowing loved ones to stay at home longer and saving money by postponing the higher cost of assisted living. Please come to 14851 Jeffrey Road #41 Irvine Ca to see this home.

Affordable Green Solar Powered House

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