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If you are MHC owner and are in need of looking to the future to make your community more appealing, reduce overall peak load and attract the Baby Boomer, Gen Y and home buyers looking to save money then please consider our program and our house. The expectation and likely-hood of a factory builder or local dealer stepping up with their money and helping you change the community is a thing of the past. The future of your business is yours to change.

Rarely, do you get to see energy efficient in visual form like these pictures depict.

Our “Quest” home was featured in the November 2011 Propane Council Newsletter

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I presented our “Off Grid” Home to the KOA Convention Nov 8, 2011 first, then setting up events for Community Owners to attract home buyers or Renters to their manufactured home community.

This home will appear in an upcoming episode of “How It Is Made” on the Discovery Channel

This home appeared on Nov 8, 2011 on the Las Vegas, NV Channel 5 FOX news.

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2011 Green Home Tour Description

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We showcased our energy efficient senior home with a Nissan “Leaf” EV car. The future of low cost senior housing with no cost transportation is an attractive alternative for many baby boomers.

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2011 Ojai Valley Green Tour Home Participant

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Our Homeowners Award Presentation

Our “Santa Fe” model recently passed the SCE “Ca Advanced Home Program has been selected to participate in the upcoming 3rd Annual Green Home Tour conducted by the Ojai Valley Green Coalition on October 1, 2011, please go to this link to learn more: This home is now our 2nd home chosen in 2 years of application for this event.This event will feature 4+ homes that meet the green coalition criteria for materials and proven energy performance. The price of the participant’s home can have vary greatly. Our home was built and sold for <$155,000 in November 2010. This home features a unique design for factory built housing not seen very often in a communities in California. It exceed standard site built construction by 17.7% and contains items not used in standard site built home or manufactured home construction. It has received a Solar rebate from the CA “CSI” program, been visited by developers as well as people interested in our way of construction. Who says manufactured homes can’t be attractive, energy efficient and can compete with standard site built standard constructed homes. We think they can.

Here are photos of the So Lake Tahoe, Ca home located 6200 feet elevation above sea level in a community known for its very harsh alpine


This home has a red metal roof to slough off snow drifts during the winter (without homeowner labor), rare in manufactured homes. This home has one Solar tube (centrally located) to capture the daylight and in the evening a 26 watt CFL light bulb which creates (3700 lumen) 400% + greater than a 100 WATT incandescent light bulb. This home has a furnace rated >92% efficiency by “Energy Star” to heat the home. This home has “Beyond Insulation layered in the ceiling drywall to capture the heat from the furnace, prevent its escape and redirect that same heat back into the living areas of the home. The attic is a “Conditionally Sealed” and completely packed with Cellulose to R-42 insulation factor and have Radiant Barrier above as the roof’s sheathing . We insulated with R44 fiberglass and laid our cold and hot water pipes into the floor area to prevent freezing.    The Air Exchanger installed removes stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh, reheated, clean air from outdoors. This technically advanced, controlled mechanical ventilation system not only provides an economical solution for excessive indoor humidity, odors, stuffiness and other indoor air pollutants, it also helps reduce heating and/or cooling costs for today’s highly insulated homes. We understand Tahoe residents in some winter weeks are trapped in their home for days from the passing blizzards awaiting the roads to open. Disclaimer: I have not listed all of the other energy efficient items in this home.

We have received several calls on its attractive appeal.


This week July 22/2011, our Ojai “Santa Fe” model built custom for a homeowner in Nov 2010 has applied, has been approved and has passed its  3rd Party HERS rater inspection and testing for the So Cal Edison (SCE) “Ca Advanced Home” program. This Ojai home was built for the home owner as an Affordable Solar Powered home, Energy Star Certified, and made to be specific to energy efficient construction to be accepted into this SCE program. Modular Lifestyles Inc. is honored to pass this stringent certification offered by SCE.

1.38 kWh Solar Panels

HERS Rated 7/2011

I wanted to share the number one reason why a Tankless Water Heater although is efficient over a typical residential water heater is not a wise choice for a California Home installation. The potential earthquake and its resulting devastation in regards to the delivery of fresh water to the residential house could be disrupted or not exist for some time. The lack of storage of water at your home could mean a family might not have access to any water. The run on the stores for bottled water and the inability to travel to get water could also be a severe problem. I have not seen any discussion or reference on the Tankless Water Heater to this type of disclosure. I refer to this link: