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As presented to MHI National Congress Workshop held April 28th, 2014

Comparison Study of a Santa Clarita, CA HUD homes. Santa Clarita is located in the Ca. Energy Commissions rank of 14 (16 being the harshest climate). It is a dry arid desert climate.

The 2012/2013 Modular Lifestyles brand of proven high performance energy efficient homes versus a 2001 Fleetwood brand of HUD home. The chart clearly shows the annual electrical cost each owner paid during the entire year. The savings from Modular Lifestyles highly insulated solar powered homes were substantial to the 2001 Fleetwood. The community owner received the extra kWh back into their master meter community. The 2001 Fleetwood HUD insulation standard for this home was based on HUD 1994 standards and it was R-11 (Blown cellulose) in attic, R- 11 Fiberglass in the 2”x 4” walls and R-20 Fiberglass in the raised floor. This home does not have A/C. The one exception Space 63 Modular Lifestyles home did not have Solar due to a 300 year Oak tree shadow cast across the roof however it does have A/C. Its cost was 1/2 as much as the 2001 Fleetwood home.



  1. Reduced Community Electrical Park Load
  2. Tenant  savings remarkable
  3. The existing electrical infrastructure reduced impact
  4. A/C now available where none existed in a Dry Arid Climate
  5. Waiting list occur when new homes come into the community
  6. Electrical savings like this not offered in other housing choices.

South Exposure appears to operate less efficiently as Western Exposure has produced better results and improved production numbers

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Our experience in California home building has had similar results as well in Climate Zone 10 with 285 days of SUN.

I found this post interesting with regards to how homes are built. The idea of a tree truck turning into a wood stud for framing. The processing and transportation from the Mill to a pallet to the job site or factory. It makes one wonder if the contractor is measuring their moisture content. It makes one wonder if the climate (where the home is built) and exposure to the elements impacts the wood stud’s moisture on the pallet during the framing. The idea of the stud in the wall with moisture does it evaporate and condensate within the walls to create mold?


What would be the moisture content of the studs in Rain? 100%? Probably!

2013 WMA Apr article

Rarely does one see a Manufactured Home Community of Affordable Green Solar Powered Homes

Oak-Haven-sky-view (Copy)

In California, the building code was changed to use materials for the exterior of homes built in Very Severe Fire Zones. The material used must be FIRE retardant.

Here is an example of one of our homes surviving a Fire in Fallbrook, Ca

Modular Lifestyles was given the challenge to build  a universally designed ADA Solar Powered house for a disabled person. We completed this home Oct 26,2012. This home is Energy Star Certified and 2 kWh Solar Powered. We used a new type wall insulation material  and do expect it to offer the homeowner an annual credits (Net Zero) based on 285 of average SUN exposure for this climate zone.

from the electric company to offset their natural gas utility bills to be at or close to “Net Zero” annually. It was built with the help of Cavco industries who has built a LEED Platinum Modular which was displayed at a recent TED conference in Long Beach for a architectural firm. This home resides in Ojai, Ca. We offer folks appointments to see this unique way of energy efficiency coupled with ada requirement to make Age-In-Place living a reality for seniors.