IRVINE, CALIFORNIA Newport Pacific Capital, Inc., and Modular Lifestyles, Inc. bring Off Grid living to LLC Communities

Newport Pacific Capital, a national full-service property management company catering to the MHP and RV/Marina industries, and affiliate Modular Lifestyles, Inc., teamed up with Cavco Industries to build an “off grid” home product that would help to change the old “trailer park” image of their industry.  The “Quest” Off Grid home has been travelling around California for the past two years as a featured attraction at tradeshows and expos to showcase affordable “green” solar-powered living.

The “Quest” Off Grid home has many energy efficient features, including a Solar PV System and a propane tank to charge the deep cell marine batteries. The house includes standard 110V outlets, allowing easy use of every-day household appliances by residents.  Sustainable cork flooring, recycled furniture products, and specialized insulation are also on display.  An additional option for the Quest home is an incinerator toilet that does not rely on water or plumbing to operate.

The only thing required to live “off the grid” in a Modular Lifestyles Quest home is a source for water and a location for the home to sit.  With the increased interest in tiny houses, many visitors to the Quest home are expressing that they could easily live in this small 400sf factory built home, as it offers the design, floor plan and features that are key to homeowner acceptance.

The “Quest” Off Grid home model has also been on display at numerous Newport Pacific properties to promote new home construction within those communities.  Many manufactured housing communities have suffered from severe image problems, due to large part by empty lots and older HUD homes in dire need of replacement. The Quest home brings awareness of and renewed interest in these communities while demonstrating an alternative home product and lifestyle to residents and visitors alike. Modular Lifestyles has worked directly with the community owner to build and install these unique, award winning HUD homes on their empty lots. The new homes then continue to generate interest in the community that was originally initiated by the Quest home.  The goal has been to create successful, thriving communities with filled lots and new residents, and its working.

For more information on this unique solar-powered, off grid home, or any of our other products and services, contact Newport Pacific and/or Modular Lifestyles at