“ A Little Bit Of Heaven” Oak Haven, Ojai, CA.


Zero Net Energy Case Study Homes – Volume 1 Book: One of Modular Lifestyles 2012 Ojai, CA. homes is featured in this new book by So. Cal Edison a CA. utility company.



Testimonials from Real Senior (55+) Energy Efficient Home Owners
Proven Energy Savings

My solar energy system has exceeded all expectations – my entire electric bill for the past year, including home heating and air conditioning, was about $15!”   -2010 MHI Award Winner and Ojai Valley Green Tour Participant

Just thought I’d let you know that it’s sleeting at the moment and very windy. And you know, this house is so quiet and warm that the outside weather doesn’t even bother me.”   -2011 Ojai Valley Green Home Tour Participant, “Ca Advanced Home” by SCE 2010

Our home keeps the interior temperature consistent to within 10 degrees (+/-) no matter the exterior temperature with little operation of our Heat Pump”   -Home contains “Beyond Insulation” in its construction  – 2010

Comments about Allergies

“Our allergies have subsided since we have moved in our New Home”    2012- as expressed by these 3 new homeowners: Barnes, Taylor, and Roach, Ojai, CA


Living In One Of Our Proven Homes And Having Solar and/or Wind or both as Your Supplier For Energy Usage and the Utility is your backup supplier?

Our homes are being built using the same criteria that site built use only with less contractors involved and money spent: Our Title 24/25 houses exceeds energy efficiency by 15% over standard construction. The “Green” features of our home include “Daylighting”, Solar PV system as well as many others not found in our competitors homes. Our award winning “Green” building experience has proven to our homeowners the lowest possible annual electric bill for their climate.

True Story:

It Happened On A <31 Degree Cold Winter Day in Ojai, CA


On a 31 degree morning in Ojai, CA, Frost/Ice was on all cars parked outside in the streets. The Owners had to scrape the ice from the cars to drive. We witnessed our Modular Lifestyles Home Owner’s House’s Roofs and Solar Panels displaying the same”ICE”  as the cars however the other builder’s existing homes were free of “ICE” on their roofs (Hmmm?).

Photo Exterior Porch of Our Award Winning Home showing heat loss

Actual Home: TopYellow House to the Right

This IR photo depicts little transference of the Home’s furnace heat in the attic. The heat loss is at the seam of the ceiling and exterior windows. The interior home’s furnace temperature is operating at 78 degrees.


It appears our Competitor’s Home Owners Furnace Heat to be leaking through the attic to their roof surface which allows NO “ICE” to form on the Roof Shingles.

Wind Turbine Manufactured Home in Lancaster, Ca Plus more GREEN homes