I feel this article describes the type of home most people are demanding today. The article’s checklist is useful for those considering buying a new or used home.

I wanted to share the number one reason why a Tankless Water Heater although is efficient over a typical residential water heater is not a wise choice for a California Home installation. The potential earthquake and its resulting devastation in regards to the delivery of fresh water to the residential house could be disrupted or not exist for some time. The lack of storage of water at your home could mean a family might not have access to any water. The run on the stores for bottled water and the inability to travel to get water could also be a severe problem. I have not seen any discussion or reference on the Tankless Water Heater to this type of disclosure. I refer to this link:

We are pleased to be building for Tahoe Verde MHP in August of 2011, a “Energy Star” house at Space 197. This house should exceed >30% reduction in annual utility costs. This home will feature an Air Exchanger, A >92% energy efficient “Energy Star” Furnace, “Energy Star” kitchen Appliances, Beyond Insulation in the ceiling, 3/4 inch foam, Hot Water Pipes wrapped in foam, “Energy Star” water heater in a thermal blanket, Solar Tube with Light, Metal Roof and Attic insulation in excess of 38″ of cellulose compaction.

Energy Efficient Home

We are reaching new levels with our Award Winning Green Solar Powered Homes. We are incorporating “Age-In-Place” Technology for elderly care using “Vital Point” and Close By” items. This is a new way of allowing loved ones to stay at home longer and saving money by postponing the higher cost of assisted living. Please come to 14851 Jeffrey Road #41 Irvine Ca to see this home.

Affordable Green Solar Powered House

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Modular Lifestyles Award Page

2018 MHI National Energy Efficient Award

April 2014 home built

Recently completed a 2000 sq ft Modular Home on 3 acres in Paso Robles, CA. This is projected to operate at Practically ZERO utility cost in this climate zone.

This Modular Home won a “CA ADVANCED HOME” rebate from PGE

Dec 2014 USGBC-C4 Green Home Nomination

April 2014 home built

Recently completed a 2000 sq ft Modular Home on 3 acres in Paso Robles, CA. This is projected to operate at Practically ZERO utility cost in this climate zone.

This Modular Home won a “CA ADVANCED HOME” rebate from PGE

December 7, 2012 USGBC-C4 Taylor Ojai House Nomination for Green Home Award

Oct 6, 2012 Ojai Valley Green Home Tour Participant and Award Presentation

Oct 1, 2011 Ojai Valley Green Home Tour Participant and Presentation

Modular Lifestyles wins another Award

The “Ojai House” was chosen by MHI at its National Congress and Expo in Las Vegas, NV April 26th, 2011 as the 2011 recipient of the “Production Manufactured Home Design 1800 Sq ft or less” This national award was presented to both Cavco Industries and Modular Lifestyles.

October 2010 – We Won Another Award!

Recipient of the CMPA 2008 Retailer Of The Year Award

We Admit It – We’re Different!

Let MODULAR LIFESTYLES help you take the guess work out of buying a new manufactured/modular home.

  1. Factory Built Homes designed with today’s family in mind:
  2. Factory Built Homes for Aging Seniors
  3. Factory built Homes to achieve Low Utility Costs to Operate

New Tiny To Mini House Community Development

San Luis Obispo, CA


Land Home Ojai, CA

2400 square foot modular “Off-The-Grid” electrical house


Paso Robles, CA

1946 sq ft Floor plan


*2015 Validated 1st year operationg “ZNE” on 2020 standards for new construction under 3200 kWh annaully including a 5 person spa and a well.

New Factory Built Product

A Bunkhouse Video




Video Shows How to Replace Solar Panels

Community Owners

A Manufacture Home Community Owner
now has a program available to fill their empty spaces and
reduce the community electrical load
with our proven new houses.

A New 50 AMP Solar Powered home reduced community electrical load and added A/C. 

This graph depicts annual electrical costs from our homes against a typical HUD 2001 home located at Space 50.

Bringing proven utility savings to Tenants and Community owners


Modular Lifestyles offers home floor plans that are classic, contemporary, attractive and affordable. Contact one of our sales agents today!


Greening Your Home and Community Click here to open up an article on Manufactured “green” home communities by Steve Lefler Modular Lifestyles – Helping The Community Get To The Future Now!

In the last several years, the manufactured housing industry has taken big strides to copy traditional “stick built” homes. Today, a manufactured home is designed and constructed in such a way that one cannot tell the difference between it and stick built home, other than its location. Even then, someone would be hard pressed to identify a manufactured home if it suddenly appears in a tear down or remodel scenario on your neighbor’s lot. Modular Lifestyles, Inc. is doing this kind of work.

When the City of Newport Beach Fire and Marine Department approached Modular Lifestyles for an EMT housing need for the their fire station in Corona De Mar, Ca., they jumped at the chance. The project, originally to be scheduled for review and bidding by stick built contractors, was a cost prohibitive challenge but one that was gladly undertaken on behalf of the brave men and women of the Firehouse. Modular saved the Department many thousands of dollars by utilizing a modern manufactured home product. The results were terrific!

Corona Del Mar EMT housing Solar Installation matched to the house’s performance? Unheard of?

Wind Energy can be matched to the home where applicable to your region, climate zone and wind consistency


*2015 Validated 1st year operation for “ZNE” on 2020 standards for new construction under 3200 kWh annually including a 5 Person SPA and a Well*

We balance house performance to climate to achieve Practically ZERO utility costs.


  • High Vibration over State Highway Systems
  • Wind Tested at 55 Miles for many miles
  • Duct Blower
  • Door Blower

Certifications Available

All available to our clients on request

  1. Energy Star
  2. HERS Rated
  3. Green Point Rated

Rebates (If Available)

  1. CA Advanced Home Rebate issued by Utility
  2. Certified, CA “Calgreen” Modular Construction for Land
  3. Solar Rebates (if applicable)


A 2600 Sq Ft home placed on I Beam Foundation 26′ in the air

2018 accolade for 2012 Ojai, CA. energy efficient factory built house



Testimonials from Real Senior (55+) Energy Efficient Home Owners

My solar energy system has exceeded all expectations – my entire electric bill for the past year, including home heating and air conditioning, was about $15!”   -2010 MHI Award Winner and Ojai Valley Green Tour Participant

B. HaffOjai, CA

Just thought I’d let you know that it’s sleeting at the moment and very windy. And you know, this house is so quiet and warm that the outside weather doesn’t even bother me.”   -2011 Ojai Valley Green Home Tour Participant, “Ca Advanced Home” by SCE 2010

E. TaylorOjai, CA

Our home keeps the interior temperature consistent to within 10 degrees (+/-) no matter the exterior temperature with little operation of our Heat Pump”   -Home contains “Beyond Insulation” in its construction  – 2010

M. NelsonAnaheim, CA

Comments about Allergies

“Our allergies have subsided since we have moved in our New Home”    2012- as expressed by these 3 new homeowners: Barnes, Taylor, and Roach, Ojai, CA

2015 Latest HUD home with a Factory built DOW Solar Roof with Powerhouse Shingles

Community Built Solar Panel Homes

Solar Power Energy Efficient Homes for MHC Owners to Fill Emply Lots


Living In One Of Our Proven Homes And Having Solar and/or Wind or both as Your Supplier For Energy Usage and the Utility is your backup supplier?

Our homes are being built using the same criteria that site built use only with less contractors involved and money spent: Our Title 24/25 houses exceeds energy efficiency by 15% over standard construction. The “Green” features of our home include “Daylighting”, Solar PV system as well as many others not found in our competitors homes. Our award winning “Green” building experience has proven to our homeowners the lowest possible annual electric bill for their climate.

True Story:

It Happened On A <31 Degree Cold Winter Day in Ojai, CA


On a 31 degree morning in Ojai, CA, Frost/Ice was on all cars parked outside in the streets. The Owners had to scrape the ice from the cars to drive. We witnessed our Modular Lifestyles Home Owner’s House’s Roofs and Solar Panels displaying the same”ICE”  as the cars however the other builder’s existing homes were free of “ICE” on their roofs (Hmmm?).

Photo Exterior Porch of Our Award Winning Home showing heat loss

Actual Home: TopYellow House to the Right

This IR photo depicts little transference of the Home’s furnace heat in the attic. The heat loss is at the seam of the ceiling and exterior windows. The interior home’s furnace temperature is operating at 78 degrees.


It appears our Competitor’s Home Owners Furnace Heat to be leaking through the attic to their roof surface which allows NO “ICE” to form on the Roof Shingles.

Download our Brochure:


Wind Turbine Manufactured Home in Lancaster, Ca Plus more GREEN homes

Community Owners Are Now Offering Modular Lifestyles New Solar Homes!

The Excitement Is Back!

Modular Lifestyles is offering its special “Brand” of manufactured solar homes in an existing communities near you.

Call us where we are building now: 888-437-4587