Owner upgrading community with Park Model Homes with Bay Views 15 miles from San Francisco


Modular Lifestyles is leading the industry in creative ways to keep the interior of its homes constant. The idea is to reduce or eliminate the operation of the HVAC system during winter and summer. In addition, introduce very efficient HVAC systems which have very low kWh usage to save seniors from expensive high utility bills since they live in their home 24/7 and have fixed incomes.

Here are sample photos of this new type of installations:

1. Heat Sink in Attic

2. Fiberglass replacement

Rental home Program pdf

If you are MHC owner and are in need of looking to the future to make your community more appealing, reduce overall peak load and attract the Baby Boomer, Gen Y and home buyers looking to save money then please consider our program and our house. The expectation and likely-hood of a factory builder or local dealer stepping up with their money and helping you change the community is a thing of the past. The future of your business is yours to change.

Rarely, do you get to see energy efficient in visual form like these pictures depict.

Our “Quest” home was featured in the November 2011 Propane Council Newsletter

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I presented our “Off Grid” Home to the KOA Convention Nov 8, 2011 first, then setting up events for Community Owners to attract home buyers or Renters to their manufactured home community.

This home will appear in an upcoming episode of “How It Is Made” on the Discovery Channel

This home appeared on Nov 8, 2011 on the Las Vegas, NV Channel 5 FOX news.

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2011 Green Home Tour Description

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We showcased our energy efficient senior home with a Nissan “Leaf” EV car. The future of low cost senior housing with no cost transportation is an attractive alternative for many baby boomers.

Watch this Video:

2011 Ojai Valley Green Tour Home Participant

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Our Homeowners Award Presentation