Our ADA/ADU “Grnany Pod” Tiny House was well received at this event where 5000 folks came to see the 30+ alternative lifestyle houses, vans, RV, Buses and Tiny Houses presented.


The Advanced Buildings Program is very excited to feature your work in our upcoming webinar, “Providing Solutions to the Affordable Housing Shortage Through Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes”. This webinar will explore the potential for energy efficient manufactured homes to be a solution for the U.S.’s shortage of affordable homes. We have invited various organizations to speak upon the housing shortage, the challenges, and feasibility of this venture. We hope to educate utilities, government institutions and non-profits on this exciting opportunity for collaboration. The webinar will be hosted on August 9th at 12:30-2 P.M. PDT



General Electric will demolish a California natural gas-fired plant with 20 years remaining in its useful life, deeming the plant “uneconomical” as inexpensive solar and wind grab a larger share of power in the state.


June 29-30, 2019

Come and visit our booth




Earth Day SLO 2019

We will have a booth at Earth Day SLO at Laguna Lake Regional Park next to the pavillion

I will have flyers for the different types of factory built Tiny Houses avaialble for backyard living


April 27

Time 10AM – 5PM