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An ADA AARP Universally Designed Green Solar Powered Home

Modular Lifestyles was given the challenge to build  a universally designed ADA Solar Powered house for a disabled person. We completed this home Oct 26,2012. This home is Energy Star Certified and 2 kWh Solar Powered. We used a new type wall insulation material  and do expect it to offer the homeowner an annual credits […]

House Building Definitions

DEFINITIONS OF HOME CONSTRUCTION Site Built: The traditional way to build a house has long been described as “stick built homes.” That is, assembling the building, on site, out of sticks – pieces of lumber that are cut and nailed together into walls and roof trusses, linked together and sheathed with plywood on the exterior and drywall […]

New Insulations to Residential Housing

Modular Lifestyles is leading the industry in creative ways to keep the interior of its homes constant. The idea is to reduce or eliminate the operation of the HVAC system during winter and summer. In addition, introduce very efficient HVAC systems which have very low kWh usage to save seniors from expensive high utility bills […]

MHC Park Owner Empty Lot Fill Program

Rental home Program pdf If you are MHC owner and are in need of looking to the future to make your community more appealing, reduce overall peak load and attract the Baby Boomer, Gen Y and home buyers looking to save money then please consider our program and our house. The expectation and likely-hood of […]