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Cleaner Home

http://www.builderonline.com/building/building-science/nine-best-practices-for-building-a-healthier-home_o?utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=jump&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BBU_032315&day=2015-03-23&he=e70aa86b73f18403597f3a7219cac0dffd622be9   I feel this article describes the type of home most people are demanding today. The article’s checklist is useful for those considering buying a new or used home.

I’M Home Conference

Nov 13, 2014 Speaking engagement on: The New Normal in Action: Energy Efficiency on the Ground https://imhomeconference.splashthat.com/

New Idea to Solar Orientation

South Exposure appears to operate less efficiently as Western Exposure has produced better results and improved production numbers Read Study http://www.energybiz.com/article/13/11/pecan-street-study-west-facing-solar-panels-better-summers-peak-power-demands Our experience in California home building has had similar results as well in Climate Zone 10 with 285 days of SUN.

Wood Studs With Mositure

I found this post interesting with regards to how homes are built. The idea of a tree truck turning into a wood stud for framing. The processing and transportation from the Mill to a pallet to the job site or factory. It makes one wonder if the contractor is measuring their moisture content. It makes […]

Homes built to CA WUI Standard

In California, the building code was changed to use materials for the exterior of homes built in Very Severe Fire Zones. The material used must be FIRE retardant. Here is an example of one of our homes surviving a Fire in Fallbrook, Ca