Another Award Winning home in Ojai, CA

Our “Santa Fe” model recently passed the SCE “Ca Advanced Home Program has been selected to participate in the upcoming 3rd Annual Green Home Tour conducted by the Ojai Valley Green Coalition on October 1, 2011, please go to this link to learn more: This home is now our 2nd home chosen in 2 years of application for this event.This event will feature 4+ homes that meet the green coalition criteria for materials and proven energy performance. The price of the participant’s home can have vary greatly. Our home was built and sold for <$155,000 in November 2010. This home features a unique design for factory built housing not seen very often in a communities in California. It exceed standard site built construction by 17.7% and contains items not used in standard site built home or manufactured home construction. It has received a Solar rebate from the CA “CSI” program, been visited by developers as well as people interested in our way of construction. Who says manufactured homes can’t be attractive, energy efficient and can compete with standard site built standard constructed homes. We think they can.